2024 - Let’s Envision the Taripay Pacha

Alchemical Art and the Pachakuti Mesa

A Zoom Class (Love Offering basis)

Empower your Intention for 2024 through Art and your Pachakuti Mesa!

Want to easily add more creativity and play into your life?

Interested in exploring a unique way to engage with your Pachakuti mesa?

Want to potentiate your dreams for yourself and the world?

Looking for kindred spirits to share that process in a light, supportive and playful way?


Calling in the New Earth Together!

Yes! I want the Taripay Pacha, the Golden Age of Miracles, the New Earth. And I bet you do too. I’ve been trying to envision that world ever since I read Charles Eisenstein’s “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible,” almost ten years ago. Sometimes it seems unimaginable. Let’s have more fun and brainstorm the future together.

Alchemical Art and the Pachakuti Mesa:

This sacred offering was born of my desire for creativity, playmates and to deepen my mesa practice. A couple of years ago I did a zoom class with my Power of 8 group. We had such fun and my friends were surprised at how a small commitment to crafting led to a delightful cascade of creativity in their lives. One gal wrote a book, another radically changed her business, a third started doing more art and joined a local arts group. 

Ready to experience more lightness, joy, play and creativity?

I invite you to come play with me! I have over 30 years of teaching experience - art and writing (technology too). My style is easy, supportive, with only positive critiques allowed (really), with little projects that are doable and scalable, lots of time to connect, some writing prompts to get us reflective, and probably some fun poetry forms to try.

Two Sessions per “Season”

I want to structure this offering around a natural cycle of gardening. With an Intending and Gifting season thrown in to start and finish. We will begin the year with a mesa inspired treasure map focusing on intentions for the personal and the planetary. How the sessions will unfold::

  • The first session begins with a prayer, season’s theme, talk about relationship to the mesa, connect with other participants, and demo the season’s art project. We will have open studio time. But likely you will finish your project afterwards
  • Second session is our stress free, humorous Show N Tell.

Let’s play together in 2024: 

In January 2024 we will begin a series of “seasons” with Pachakuti Mesa inspired creative projects. We will meet via Zoom the second and fourth Wednesday of every Other month, 12 pm to 2 pm, PT

Whether an experienced artist or a child-like dabbler

these events will provide you inspiration, company and support.

Before, During and Between Session Inspiration, Support and Fun:

We will have a writing prompt for reflection prior to class, one or more simple art projects to do in between classes, a session focused on poetry/flash writing re: season, an open studio session with SoulCollage® cards or optional project depending on group interests, and the lowest stress humorous Show N Tell you’ve ever experienced. There will be a selection of art projects and prompts to choose from in addition to working on your own inspirations.

Connect With Your Highest Self and With Other Creative Explorers: 

There will be plenty of time each week to connect with the other participants regarding their lives, mesas and art. Let me know what you want to do, play with, learn, and we will co-create this class together. Let’s Play!

Join Now to Create and Play!

For more information email me at transformativeartplay@gmail.com or use the contact form below.