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2022 is the Year to Awaken - through creativity and fun

Let's begin by Envisioning Our More Beautiful World!

In this 8 week series we will engage in 6 projects along with meditations, reflections and sharing:

  • Appreciate – We will create a vision board using appreciation for What Is, along with desires for our New Earth and ourselves.
  • Resonate - We will work with frequency, vibration, connection and movement to add our energy to our dream by creating a rattle, or dancing, drumming. Lots of opportunities to bring in How you love to resonate, and what vibrates change into our world.
  • Explore – We will explore the rich depths of our shadow, ego, sub-personalities – what stops us personally from moving forward with our desires? Let's get to know and love ourselves at this level by making Inner Arcana Cards to honour and celebrate the wisdom within. Give our shadows some Love.
  • Divine – We all need to divine the Divine. We will dive into the power of oracular divination to help guide us through the turbulent times, by making a set of runes for ourselves. Cheers for air dry clay.
  • Integrate – Each part of this process requires the need to dig a little deeper into ourselves, look at things in a different way, pay attention to the insights and guidance we receive. We are asked to write and reflect what we have learned doing each project. We will create a mandala as a reflection of this integration (and just for fun).
  • Inspire – What better way to share our insights and art than to make an Artist Book to culminate this manifestation journey.

We will begin on Thursday, Feb. 3, 2022 at 10 am PST. We will meet every Thursday for approximately 1.5 hours where I will share teachings about transformative art and the latest spiritual insights floating about, we will be able to share our art projects and talk about our creative experiences. The first week will be an overview and the last will be an integration circle. Images of our projects can be posted to our FaceBook group. This Love Offering Beta Process is only available to 12 people. Please email me at transformativeartplay@gmail.com TO LET ME KNOW YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE.