IT’S NEEDED NOW!! My friends, even strangers, in conversation are saying that they Want, Need, Must make time to be creative. And it is so much more fun to do it with others. Or at least have others to share the process with. Zoom for now – longing for the in person!

I’ve been an artist and a poet since I was a child. Teaching art came later, and an MA in Transformative Art later yet. I’ve been teaching and offering transformative art classes for over 20 years. But Now is the time to get past my own blocks and put it out in the world. A Flow of creative ideas to Help, to be Fun, to be “my gift toward something greater than ourselves.”

I’m going to see if I can post my artist resume below. It will give you an idea of everything I’ve done – from SoulCollageĀ® to Collage Magic & Writing Flash to curating From Escalante to an Ocean – an Artist Handmade Books exhibition to teaching artist books.